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Colonoscopy Errors Lead to Bowel Perforation in Prince George’s County, Maryland

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No matter what your medical situation may be, Miller Stern Lawyers is experienced in helping medical malpractice victims recoup the financial compensation they deserve. The 2012 case of Schwartz vs. Johnson is one such example that highlights an important area in which Maryland residents may be injured during a routine colonoscopy.

 H. Jeffrey Schwartz vs. Arvia Johnson

In 2012, Arvia Johnson filed a “complaint against appellants, claiming that Dr. Schwartz was negligent by ‘failing to properly perform the elective outpatient colonoscopy to ensure that Johnson’s colon was not perforated [and] failing to employ an appropriate and careful technique.’

“Johnson alleged that, as a result of Dr. Schwartz’s negligence, he ‘suffered and continues to suffer severe conscious pain and suffering, has required multiple medical treatments and surgeries to correct this condition, has ongoing symptoms of Short Bowel Syndrome, which are permanent, and has otherwise been injured and damaged.”

In the end, Schwartz was found to have been negligent regarding the colonoscopy injury and was awarded a total amount of $673,791.19, both for past medical expenses related to the perforated bowel and non-economic damages.

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If you or someone you know has a perforated bowel or other injuries as a result of a colonoscopy, you may be able to recoup some of what’s been lost via a financial compensation. Miller Stern Lawyers is eager to fight medical malpractice and negligence in the hopes their efforts can help victims move forward with their lives.

Miller Stern Lawyers, located in Baltimore, MD, stands ready to fight for your right to compensation. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in settlements and courtroom verdicts, and we can help you reclaim losses for catastrophic injury or chronic discomfort as a result of medical trauma. Contact us at 410-LAW-FIRM (410-529-3476), or visit us online today.

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