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  • $16 Million+ Settlement

    Business Fraud: This eight figure settlement was against a large insurance company. In this case, the plaintiffs argued the company had discriminated based on age and race, and had conspired to throw cases out based on this criteria.

  • $12 Million+ Settlement

    Eight figure medical malpractice settlement, failure to diagnose

  • $10 Million Verdict/ Settlement

    Seven-figure verdict/settlement against Hospital for Hypoxic damage to child causing severe brain damage from lack of oxygen during hospital transport.

  • $7 Million Verdict

    Seven-figure verdict against Radiologist who misread a sonogram of a child born with Down Syndrome.

  • $6 Million Settlement

    Seven figure settlement against Hospital for puncturing local physicians spinal cord during a routine surgical procedure.

  • $5 Million Settlement

    Seven-figure settlement against Radiologist who misread then lost sonogram results, resulting in child born with abnormalities.

  • $5 Million Verdict

    Seven figure verdict against Hospital for death of Circuit Court Judge due to off label use of medication without informed consent from patient.

  • $2.5 Million Settlement

    Breach of Contract Case: This $2.5M settlement was against a financier for breach of contract. Plaintiff alleged that this breach caused his development project to go bankrupt.

  • $2 Million Settlement

    Brokerage Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

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