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What Would You Do Following a Commercial Trucking Accident?

Miller Stern Baltimore

Warning: the embedded videos contain graphic language

Icy conditions have always led to accidents. On bridges, this is even more true. When outdoor conditions turn cold and wet, it is the bridges that tend to freeze first. These natural conditions often lead to unfortunate accidents, such as the one that occurred on December 17, 2016, on I-95.

On that night, three people died after a 68-car pileup near Washington Blvd. in Baltimore, Maryland. "Witness talks about I-95 fiery crash"

A witness was able to film some disturbing video from that night as proof of the dangers icy highways can present: "SCARIEST DAY OF MY LIFE TERRIBLE ACCIDENT ON i 95"

What if one of the drivers in the fiery crash was a commercial trucker? What if the truck was not properly maintained, thus possibly playing a role in the crash? What if other factors outside the control of the driver contributed? Who would represent the family? Miller Stern Lawyers can help those affected by such a loss answer these difficult questions.

“Many times, these trucks fail to go through thorough inspections and proper maintenance protocols,” the lawyers at Miller Stern Lawyers say. “This puts innocent drivers at risk every day.”

Miller Stern Lawyers conducts a thorough investigation, interviews drivers and witnesses, and collects evidence. The team carefully reviews state and federal laws and regulations that apply to each individual case. This investigation is critical to the outcome and recovery of your case as we go through developing and then presenting your case.

In this particular situation, the innocent driver would have been an employee. As an employee, the family would be eligible for compensation.

Miller Stern Lawyers: Maryland’s Expert Truck Crash Lawyers

Miller Stern Lawyers, believes in the power of quality representation to secure the compensation a Baltimore truck crash victim deserves. If you or a family member is involved in a commercial trucking accident, be sure to seek legal representation as soon as possible.

Miller Stern Lawyers, located in Baltimore, MD, stands ready to fight for your right to compensation. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in settlements and courtroom verdicts, and we can help you reclaim losses for catastrophic injury as a result of a car crash. Contact us at 410-LAW-FIRM (410-529-3476), or visit us online today.

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