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Serious Car Crash Leads to Injuries, Arrests in Baltimore, Maryland

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An accident near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday, January 22, led to both an arrest and serious — though not life-threatening — injuries at the scene.

Just before 9 a.m., local patrol units tried stopping a car before the driver fled, leading to a short chase. The event culminated with the vehicle in question striking two others, causing a handful of serious injuries. The driver, a 25-year-old man, was arrested immediately.

Insurance Companies, Lawyers, and You

In a situation like this, the importance of a good lawyer cannot be overstated. Whether the accident was caused by a form of distracted driving, drunk driving, or reckless endangerment, Miller Stern Law — comprised of experts in handling severe car crash cases — can help.

In fact, hiring a good lawyer is one of the first things you should do following a car crash. Insurance companies and adjusters will be on the case immediately, and they may not be interested in what’s best for you.

“Insurance adjusters are paid to minimize the value of claims, not to advise people about their rights,” says Miller Stern. “This is why it is vital to hire an attorney who can tackle these issues, fight hard for your rights, and protect your interests.”

Miller Stern Law: Maryland Lawyers With Your Interests at Heart

Miller Stern Lawyers, believes in the power of quality representation to secure the compensation a Baltimore car crash victim deserves.

If and when you’re involved in a car crash, be sure to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Do not wait for an insurance company to contact you, and if they do, do not answer questions without a lawyer’s consent. This is imperative, and electing not to do so could cost you thousands of dollars in unsecured compensation.

Miller Stern Lawyers, located in Baltimore, MD, stands ready to fight for your right to compensation. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in settlements and courtroom verdicts, and we can help you reclaim losses for catastrophic injury as a result of a car crash. Contact us at 410-LAW-FIRM (410-529-3476), or visit us online today.

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