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Baltimore County Car Crash Leaves Two Injured, Distracted Driving To Blame?

Miller Stern Baltimore

In 2019, two men were involved in a Baltimore County car crash in Parkville, Maryland, that resulted in trips to the hospital. One of the drivers was trapped, and rescue crews needed to use “special rescue tools” to remove him from the vehicle. Because of high speeds along Perring Parkway, this Parkville, Maryland, intersection is especially dangerous.

It is easy to imagine that distracted driving may have played a key role in the accident, that one of the drivers was either texting or Tweeting at the time of the car crash, diverting his attention from the road and leading to the accident.

Miller Stern Law of Baltimore, Maryland: A Team of Experts Ready to Fight for You

In recent years, text messaging, Tweeting, and the use of cell phones while driving have greatly increased the dangers on Baltimore County roads and highways. Miller Stern Lawyers, comprised of a team of expert accident attorneys, implores families affected by distracted driving accidents to seek legal representation immediately to ensure they receive proper compensation.

“We conduct a thorough investigation [following an accident],” says Miller Stern Law. “We interview drivers and witnesses and collect evidence at the scene. We carefully review state and federal laws and regulations that apply to each individual case. This investigation is critical to the outcome and recovery of your case as we go through developing and then presenting your case.”

Avoiding Distracted Driving — and Taking Action in the Event of an Emergency

It is imperative that all drivers know the dangers associated with distracted driving. In 2018 alone, over 400,000 people were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. Of those injuries, almost 3,000 were deaths.

What’s more, almost one in every five distracted driving accidents involves someone away from a vehicle. This means pedestrian walkers and bikers are subject to these kinds of crashes, too, making it all the more important for people to both drive and travel defensively and keep their eyes on the road.

If you are involved in a car crash with a distracted driver, seek legal representation immediately. Take pictures of the scene and damage to both your vehicle and the other vehicle involved, if possible. Speak to witnesses, give your statement to the police, visit the emergency room — basically do all you can to put yourself in the best situation to receive proper compensation for damages and injuries.

Miller Stern Lawyers, located in Baltimore, MD, stands ready to fight for your right to compensation. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in settlements and courtroom verdicts, and we can help you reclaim losses for catastrophic injury as a result of a car crash. Contact us at 410-LAW-FIRM (410-529-3476), or visit us online today.

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