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How a “Catastrophic Injury” Can Affect Your Life and the Way You Handle a Car Accident Claim

Miller Stern Baltimore

It’s tough enough for people to stomach a medical bill when they have a chance to discuss their options with a healthcare provider and prepare for the upcoming procedures. It’s even harder when they don’t see a medical bill coming and are blindsided by the cost.

In 2019, vehicle accidents caused 4.5 million medically consulted injuries, racking up over $460 billion in expenses. That money includes surgeries, vehicle damage, lost wages, and other fees that come with the aftermath of a vehicle crash.

People can suffer a variety of injuries from car accidents, from broken ankles and wrists to catastrophic injuries, which are defined as permanent disabilities that severely change the way an injured person works and lives. Catastrophic injuries may include spinal cord injuries, severe burns, major fractures, internal organ damage, and brain injuries. Some of these can lead to paralysis, mental impairment, and other lifelong consequences that will ultimately cost individuals and families money and take an incredible emotional toll on everyone involved. Catastrophic injuries aren’t defined by the bodily damage endured but rather by the impact they have on a person’s life.

Whether you were driving a car, truck, or motorcycle, or you were a pedestrian who was hit by another vehicle, you could be eligible for compensation for the catastrophic injuries you’ve suffered. Beyond the initial ambulance and emergency room bills, you may experience lifelong effects, both physical and psychological, from your auto accident.

In the moments immediately following a collision, it’s impossible to forecast the true damage the crash has caused and will cause in the future. This is where a trusted law firm is extremely valuable. Auto accident lawyers at Miller Stern Lawyers, have seen the effects of so many different types of car accidents, and they know how to fight for the compensation their clients deserve. They’ll make sure you can get the quality treatment you need immediately. They can also predict the treatment you’ll need in the future to hopefully help you return to a relatively normal life. If the injuries are catastrophic enough, Miller Stern will fight for you to receive the coverage that will pay for the lifelong expenses associated with your condition(s).

“We always tell our clients to concentrate on the important things in life such as regaining their health and returning to their day-to-day life, while behind the scenes we deal with all the complicated legal issues and battle with the insurance companies on your behalf. At Miller Stern Lawyers, we are very knowledgeable and experienced in these matters, and are here to protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.” — Daniel Miller & Kevin Stern | Miller Stern Lawyers

Miller Stern Lawyers, located in Baltimore, MD, stands ready to fight for your right to compensation. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in settlements and courtroom verdicts, and we can help you reclaim losses for catastrophic injuries from a car crash. Contact us at 410-LAW-FIRM (410-529-3476), or visit us online today.

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