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Violent Carjacking Leads to Crash on I-695

Miller Stern Baltimore

On February 25, 2021, two suspects carjacked a Honda Crosstour during rush hour in Rosedale. The Honda belonged to a woman who was assaulted by the carjackers. The suspects then got onto I-695 and attempted to exit Pulaski Highway when they collided with a trash truck.

According to Baltimore County Police, the suspects are Daryl Maurice Brown, 19, and Robert Louis Davis, 18. Brown has been charged with robbery, theft, and assault while Davis is charged with assault, theft, and robbery.

The suspects and truck driver were hospitalized but there have been no updates on their condition. The victim of the carjacking was treated and released. Brown and Davis are currently held without bond at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

The collision caused all lanes of the I-695 inner loop to close for several hours, diverting traffic to Route 40.

What motive did the carjackers have for doing what they did? And why did they choose to do this during rush hour? Speeding at any time on the road is incredibly dangerous, but much worse in bumper-to-bumper traffic. What does this mean for the suspects? How does this situation affect the victims and their families?

There are various types of damages that the law allows someone to claim in a motor vehicle accident. A person is not limited to just claiming their medical bills as damages. A plaintiff may be able to claim time absent from work related to the injury or receive treatment for the injury.

Additionally, expenses related to medical treatment, such as travel to and from the doctor and prescription medication, are also damages that can be claimed. One must also factor in mental and physical pain and suffering claims as part of any plaintiff’s injury case.

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